Photos must be submitted in JPEG file format following the instructions

The title of each image cannot exceed 35 characters.

Titles do not need to be translated to English but must be given in English characters.

The maximum Horizontal length is 1920 pix.

The maximum Vertical length is 1080 pix. In 300 dpi.

Compression 7-12, maximum 2Mb.

The exhibition software shall not resize image and that oversized image shall be
rejected by the system.


Open Color – (PIDC)
Open Monochrome – (PIDM)
Nature – (ND)


Closing date: 14th November 2022
All judging completed by: 05th December 2022
Notifications sent by: 19th December 2022
Submit EDAS Report: 04th January 2023
Awards mailed by: 20th February 2023
On-Line Gallery posted by: 09th December 2022
Catalogs posted by: 20th February 2023


US $ 10 for one section; US $ 16 for all sections
PayPal ID:
Group Discount: US $ 10 for 5+ entrants’ group for all Sections.
Early Bird Offer US $ 12 for all sections till 16th October 2022

Awards Details

1 PSA Gold Medal for each section.
3 Certificate of Merit for each section (e-certificate downloadable from website)
3 Honour Mention for Each Section (e-certificate downloadable from website)
6 Jury Choice for each section (e-certificate downloadable from website)
1 Best Group Award for the Circuit (minimum 10 participants)

Jury Panel

The Imperial Judging

Robert Lie

Robert Lie
PPSA, EFIAP (Indonesia)

Zee Kek Heng copy

Zee Kek Heng
GMPSA/B, EFIAP/P (Singapore)


Yiu Wah Wong
MPSA, EFIAP/s (Hong Kong)

The Majestic Judging

Teodor Pantea 200x200

Teodor Pantea
EFIAP /s (Romania)

Nenad Nikolic

Nenad Nikolic
QPSA, AFIAP,(Serbia)


Ljiljana Vrzic
PPSA, GPU Hermes (Serbia)