Photos must be submitted in JPEG file format following the instructions

  • The title of each image cannot exceed 35 characters.
  • Titles do not need to be translated to English but must be given in English characters.
  • The maximum Horizontal length is 1920 pix.
  • The maximum Vertical length is 1080 pix. In 300 dpi.
  • Compression 7-12, maximum 2Mb.
  • The exhibition software shall not resize image and that oversized image shall be
    rejected by the system.


Open Color – (PIDC)
Open Monochrome – (PIDM)
Nature – (ND)


Closing date 15th April 2022
All judging completed by 05th May 2022
Notifications sent by 15th May 2022
Awards mailed by 15th July 2022
On-Line Gallery posted by 04th July 2022
Catalogs posted by 15th July 2022


US $ 16 for one or all sections
PayPal ID:
Group Discount: US $ 10 for 6+ entrants’ group.

Awards Details

1 PSA Gold Medal for each section
6 Jury Choice for each section (e-certificate sent via email)
3 Certificate of Merit for each section (e-certificate sent via email)
1 Chairperson Choice for each section (e-certificate sent via email)
1 Best Club/Group Trophy for the Circuit (min 10 entrants )

Jury Panel

The Imperial Judging

Robert Lie

Robert Lie
PPSA, EFIAP (Indonesia)

Edward wong

Edward Wong
EPSA, EFIAP (Hong Kong)


Yiu Wah Wong
MPSA, EFIAP/s (Hong Kong)

The Majestic Judging


Umberto D’eramo

massimo tommi

Massimo Tommi
GMPSA, EFIAP/s (Italy)


Silvana Retter
EFIAP (Germany)